When tying your loom to a fixed object, how does one keep it from flipping/flopping/slanting to the point where the ties slip off the ends of the stick? I'm not in a position where I can lash both ends to something (it's usually one foot) and it slips around a LOT more than I think it ought! Having one's warp suddenly go astray is distracting, to say the least.... Thanks! (The first person (FRANCO) who remarks that I've been generally unstable for years gets swatted with my beater! *Grin*)


Caroline (not verified)

As someone who falls over trying to put on her socks, the mere idea of tying up onto my big toe gives me the giggles! I suspect its like everything else about South American weaving - you have to be born at it, or do it for centuries, to look professional.

Just remember that to a non-weaver, we probably look very accomplished!

Have you tried using shorter shed sticks? So there is less to unbalance and tip the warp? Many of the photos I have seen of the children weaving like this, they tie the far end of the warp to a loop of yarn that goes around their toes ( no wobbly stick) and use string heddles for the shed, and shed saver cords instead of shed sticks, also no more awkward bits of wood. Just a thought that might work! Its midwinter here in Australia, or I would give it a try, but having finally got my socks on I'm not about to take them off to experiment, hehe!

bolivian warmi

That system of tying to one fixed point only works when you have a wide warp and your loom bars are only a tad longer than the width of the warp. Having a narrow warp on long loom bars will be a disaster. So perhaps using shorter loom bars will work as Caroline suggests but I would search fo another tie up way. Can you not put some clamps on a table somewhere and lodge your loom bar behind them like so?

I am using this system here at Convergence in the vendor hall ad in my wee hostel room and I know of people who put the clamps on a window sill, kitchen counter or book shelf. It needs to be a sold sturdy object.

francorios (not verified)

You can use two feet on a longer stick.


Or can use one foot propped up on a stool or ottoman.

Or you can use shorter sticks. (This is tied to a barstool)

I hope that helps.
Have a good day!

onafixedincome (not verified)

I guess I am going to have to give in and make some good sticks to use, which aren't as slippery as the commercial dowels, or figure a better way to utilize the single-point tieups I have available. Due to some physical constraints, two feet isn't an option, sorry Franco (btw, don't you ever smile when you get your picture taken? LOL). Ditto for anchoring with clamps, darnit! They're both great ideas! So...weave wider for better stability and make better bars, then see what happens, I guess.... Update coming as time goes on! Thank you to all for your great suggestions--I'll be using them for sure down the road!

onafixedincome (not verified)

Uh oh...that means I actually have to DO something to them, doesn't it...?? :) :) Okeydokey, where did I put that pocketknife? (See you in a month or so when I find it...maybe!) And Franco? You smile much better than that. :)