I recently purchased an old counterbalance loom with a sectional warp beam. I was advised by several folks to cut the pegs off (that make up the sectional). I am hesitant to do this and wonder if I can get a regular beam and drop it in place. This loom was hand made and I'm afraid that a manufacured one might not be right for it. Any suggestions?



Are there screws holding the rakes to the beam?  If there are, just unscrew them, flip them over, screw them back down and use it as a standard beam.  I have done this on 2 looms, I used lengths of texsolv looped around the center of the beam and then just used tie-on sticks.

sequel (not verified)

The Gallinger looms came with sectional beams.  I tried converting to a solid beam.  It seemed easy enough, just unscrew the rakes from the solid beam.  Surprise! The rakes were nailed through the wooden brake drum, and I had to use a hacksaw to remove the ends of the rakes.  I left the tiny eyelets in place, so now we can switch back and forth between sectional and solid beam. 

If you send us a good picture of the beam, we may be able to help you.  Hopefully, the pins are just friction fit and can be worked out with wiggling.  If they are glued, you may have to remove the whole rakes.  A photo will help...

mrdubyah (not verified)

Seriously, it is a great way to warp.  I hate to see a good sectional beam chopped up. They're worth a lot of money you know.  Besides, you just might want to use it someday.  I'd keep it and get a second beam for conventional warping if I was you.  Any other beam that is the right length should do the trick.  Start checking looms until you find a manufacturer with the right length beam.  I'll bet it's out there somewhere!

Sues (not verified)

It seems that I have a Gallinger loom. The sectional beam is standard and I have never sectional warped before. I think I will have to check this method out before I replace the beam. Thanks for the advice on saving this beam and looking for another conventional beam. Time to do some homework on this!

Sues (not verified)

Mine is a Gallinger loom. I knew it was made by Gallinger but did not know it was an actual style of loom. This answers alot of my questions. I will try to attach a photo. The pegs in this beam are permanent so replacement (if I do it) would be my only option.


I warp back to front and on my loom with a sectional beam, I (gasp) cut the warp at the back and tie overhand knots in 2 inch bundles (my beam has 2-inch spacing) and attach to cords on the sectional beam just as if I were warping sectionally. Then I wind on. I took the sectional warping e-class here with Daryl Lancaster and she showed how you can do it even if you warp front to back.


 What is the strongest, small cross section yarn, to use for tie-on cords suitable for universal use especially strong linen warps?