I just posted my results for trials for 5YR 7/12.  I finally have the formula.  I know I am a student, but I am giving myself a grade this time.  Since I worked my way through all of the letters of the alphabet and then some, I choose a grade of 'P' for PERSISTENCE!


Karren K. Brito

If you look at the last few trials, not much predictable there; not only was there a color shift (got a good chuckle there), but you reduced the Total DOS and the chroma went UP!  Then a slight increase in the amount of scarlet, the highest chroma dye, and the chroma decreased!

Persistence was the only way to get there.

Anne Vincent

I thought the chroma would increase and I would have to increase the turquoise a little on the next trial, but, to my amazement, the chroma decreased (and by now I am really picky).  Who would have thought?