I recently purchased a couple of fabulous books published by Interweave Press - Mastering Weave Structures and Rep Weave and Beyond. Last evening at my weaving study group meeting I learned that both of them have many errors. I heard that at one time errata sheets were available to download from Interweave's web site (6 pages of corrections for Mastering Weave Structures alone!). But, the errata are not there now.

What I did find there was broken links to errata for these books, as well as most of the Design Collections and lots of issues of Handwoven.

So frustrating to discover that treasured items in my weaving library have errors!! Any suggestions?


jemwork (not verified)

My weaving mother (Harriet Johnson) said that all weaving books had errors. Even Davison. She wasn't saying this to discourage, but to encourage us to check things out before we started to weave. Harriet was a firm believer in doing draw-downs, by hand, for every project.

That said, its disturbing to find out that Handwoven & Interweave allowed these links to break. I remember accessing them several years ago, but I doubt I have all of them. I realize things are complicated in updating & re-vamping web pages & errors can creep into them. I guess its up to us to keep publishers aware of these problems so they can make errata available again.

Joan in Jamestown


 It's going to be OK.  Interweave is working on that section of their web site, and most of the weaving errata are back online. I was able to download the Design Collection and Mastering Weave Structures pages.

The url is www.interweave.com/corrections/weaving.asp

It also says on the page to contact them if you have questions.

KristieS (not verified)

THANK YOU!  The PDFs that appear at the link you provided were not there all day yesterday.  So glad they're back.

claudia (not verified)

I also got a note from Liz Gipson at Interweave and she gave me the following links for you:



Hope that helps.


[email protected]

the links for the errata are broken and it is not in the index at all.

Does someone have the .pdf file?  Could someone send me a copy.

Someone borrowed my book and removed the erratas.

Oregon Weaver

Hello, Has anyone had any luck location the errata pages for this book? I tried Interweave Press, but nothing seems to exist. Thank you! 

sally orgren

A quick google search led to this: www.interweave.com/interweave-errata-corrections/ I would download what you need and place in a folder of errata. Nearly all books have corrections.


Having no luck finding the errata for this book.  Has anyone been successful?