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Up here above the clouds in Colorado I hide and weave  on my 60", 16 shaft AVL loom.  Mostly 18" wide fabric for garments that I sell at local art/craft fairs.  Just bought myself a tiny little Cricket rigid heddle loom.  What a change from my big loom.  Not currently a member of any local guilds at this time.  Aside from weaving my own fabrics I also enjoy exploring the magical results of woven shibori and vat dyes.  Hope that this group begins to grow and expand so that we can share talent and ideas with all of Colorado.  I promise to check back regularly (fingers crossed) and see what new ideas all our new members will bring.



sallyn (not verified)

Hello from another new member, also from Colorado.  I studied weaving while in college (a hundred years ago) and loved it.  I haven't woven since then, but have dreamed of returning to the craft once I retire.  Well, I've retired and I stumbled upon a small Stucto table loom in a thrift store, just yesterday.  It seems to be in great shape -- no rust, clean, all parts move easily, Now I need to begin to prioritize my time so that relearning to weave will fit into my life!  Needless to say, I am excited.  I love vintage things, and am happy to be the new owner of a 70+ year old loom.  I hope I can give life to it as someone before me already has!  


I'll probably be a lurker for a while, but appreciate the opportunity to be part of this group!  Thank you!





flamingo (not verified)

I'm new to weavolution, but an old weaver (26 years). I'm a member of Rocky Mountain Weavers Guild. My studio is under construction, so I've been knitting to feed my fiberlust. Recently I completed 3 lap robes on my Schacht floor loom. I had to borrow a reed to fit the fat bumpy yarn through, but the project went very smoothly. (I usually weave with 10/2 cotton or smaller or fine silks. I'm used to anything up to about 5/2 cotton with some novelties thrown in.) I've woven with 60/2 silk for a kimono yardage. (Somone else did the sewing.) Early on, I wove anything I could, but eventually realized that I enjoy weaving yardage for clothing or simple rectangular scarves most.

pfpressel (not verified)

Hello- I consider myself still a novice weaver, since I have takene such a break while I started a business.  That ended and I now have begun weaving again.  I have a rigid heddle, 4 harness Mighty Wolf and an 8 harness Loomcraft.  Haven't gotten the courage to try to dress the 8 harness yet.  I just finished a bunch of huck dish towels for christmas and know someone had written about a quick way to seal the edges before hemming.  Any ideas?



Pam Pressel

ShuttlePilot (not verified)

Hi Everyone and Welcome! 

How fun to tune in and find you here. I'm a member of the Pikes Peak Weavers Guild, a long time self taught weaver who has been thrilled since finding our Guild several years ago, to have access to great workshops and mentors.

Sally, how great that you have a Structo. That is what Betha Hayes wove all of her wonderful designs on. If you haven't seen it, find the following book .   It really brings her to life in a way that just the compilation of her patterns did not.

I've had a collection of several of her patterns, and debated whether or not to buy the book  -- but am so glad that I did.

I'm now imagining you, working away at your little Structo, carrying on her legacy and perhaps creating your own patterns.

Cheers, everyone -- am glad you're here!

Maryse Levenson (not verified)

Hey, Miss Sweetpea!  Imagine meeting you and Miss Dezi  here :-)  hope to see you soon.


LeeA (not verified)

Hi Everyone! 

How nice to have found this online weaving community!  I'm a member of the Rocky Mountain Weaver's Guild. I am looking for inspiration and motivation!  My loom is naked and every time I look at it I feel guilty that it is not dressed. 



pfpressel (not verified)

Hello-  I am looking for uses for tons of carpet warp.  I don't really want to make rugs and I know I read some carpet arp yarn can be used for towels, mats, etc.  Does anyone have any patterns or suggestions for 8 harness looms?



ShuttlePilot (not verified)

Maryse! How lovely that you are here, Sweetpea :)   Miss Dezi has become such a good weaver dog, she loves to bask in the sun by my big floor loom in the front windows. We will have to have you come up for tea once the snow melts away and spring arrives.  



ShuttlePilot (not verified)

Lee:  Welcome!!   OY, do I know the naked loom syndrome.  It's almost spring, perhaps you could look through some gardening/seed catalogs and get some inspiration for some spring color combinations?  Instead of an Easter bonnet, you could make yourself a lovey spring colored scarf or throw.  Think smaller project, that way you can have that loom dressed in no time. And just think, if you make the warp nice and long, you can keep it dressed for awhile as you work on 2-3 items from the same warp. Play with color, or choose a weave structure that you've always wanted to try. You can dress that loom, I know you can!! :)

Pam:  How about using all that carpet warp to play with doing some color and weave studies?  I can't recall which issue of Handwoven it was, but there was a really good shadow weave gamp for 8 shafts, using several colors,  that could be fun to use as inspiration for placemats (just know that the shrinkage will probably be quite a bit after the first couple of washes).  You could also think about doing some doubleweave shopping/grocery bags, they'd be nice and sturdy and how fun to have your own "designer" re-usable bags.  Just some thoughts.  I'm sure that others here can come up with many more ideas.




Maryse Levenson (not verified)

Oh! Yes, lets have tea sometime soon :-)  I miss seeing you at the guild.  Will you come back sometime?  What you weaving?  I just finished designing  a turned S&W, and doing the color wrapping.  Can't wait to put it on the loom!

Love ya.



If anyone has access to his book and page, can you help me understand the treadling sequence. 

My area of confusion is in thr TREADLING section.  the words, "It is understood that a tabby pick follows each pattern pick."  I got that, but then below it reads, "Treadle as follows: A. 1,2,3,4,5 - black wook (use tabby)."  This repeats thru the sequence with B, C, and so on each having their treadle order nad fiber to use with the same (use tabby).  The portion that says, "use tabby", in parenthesis makes me question the previous instruction, "It is understood that a tabby pick follows each pattern pick".

This can be difficult to understand as I type the question, and better understood if you have access to this page of the book.  I'm now going to attempt to include a photo of the page, however the limitations on images may not produce a useful photo.


I think the author is just repeating that when you weave a block with the pattern weft you also use tabby.  You will notice that "use tabby" is written after every block where it is wool, and the other blocks are completely tabby.


I don't have that book. However, my advice would be to sample with various interpretations, the first being to use a tabby pick literally after each pattern pick.

Also do you know what weave structure this is supposed to be using? That might help me answer your question as well.

Happy weaving!

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