Francine recently mentioned the Lunatic Fringe and their color gamp. Not knowing what either one was I did an Internet search. The interesting offers weaving supplies, including a Color Gamp instruction or kit with thread. I looked at the color gamp. What are examples of how it would be used? Must it be a specific set of colors?




i just happened upon this gorgeous color Gamps made by our own Weavolution member Caloosa. She used the Lunatic Fringe yarns and pattern. If I did it right, here is her project page.


Blog article and Caloosa examples were extremely helpful. The comparison with a pointillist painting explained a lot to me. When weaving with color A warp and color B weft you will see a dot of each color.

A Color Gamp shows how using a different color in the warp and weft will change your original yarn/thread colors.


Penny Skelley (not verified)

I saw this Purl and Loop Swatch Maker at Yarnorama in Paige, TX last month when our when our spinning group had our monthly meeting and have been thinking about buying it. It would definitely be useful for color studies.

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Very interesting tool, Penny. I like that you could weave samples with it in the 8, 10, and 12 ends per inch.


There are lots of different kinds of gamps, both color and structure. Gamp means 'umbrella, especially a large unweildy one.' There are twill, shadow weave, overshot gamps, etc. There is also the color gamp, but you can alter the gamp to lights or darks or keep the spectrum base colors. I've seen a gamp in grey, black, white and neutrals which was fascinating. It's a great study practice and it makes some beautiful eye candy.


This is the hardest thing for me about weaving. What will happen when you run Color A down and Color B across? It never is what I expect.

The neutrals gamp Tom mentioned interests me. I am always impressed by what weavers do to make a neutral colored item strikingly elegant. My eye admires elegance; my core being gravitates to whimsy.

My next donation project I will try clay colors or river pebble colors in a gamp type design.


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