I am having difficulty finding a translation for this word. It is in the context of weaving small, checked (plaid in Am. English) cloths. The other two types mentioned are Hälskläden (necker chiefs, I think) and Huvuddukar (head coverings?). The weaving book is in Swedish.



Förningsdukar is the plural of förningsduk, which is a like a small tablecloth.. I found this explanation in English.http://www.vaxbolin.se/product/fornings/?lang=en

Halskläde is, as you say, a neckerchief.. or a square type scarf that's folded into a triangle to be worn. Not a word I've heard recently unless it's referring to traditional dress.  Huvuduk is a head covering, huvudukar being the plurar.

All could be small square plaid weavings

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Thanks, Ingamarie! I'm trying to improve my vocabulary as well as my weaving skills. It drives me nuts when I can't figure a word out.


föra (verb) = bring

förning (subst*) = what you bring, in the case of förningsdukar: "eatables" you brought, either to the party (is that what is called potluck?) or, in some parts of Swe, eatables you brought to/for the family at the "party house" - a cheese, fo example.

Thus, a förningsduk was used as furoshiki... so many different cultures share the same ideas.

* Edit: oops, it is called noun in English...


Here's a trick -- search at google.se instead of google.com and then translate the page. Or go to the images tab and look at the pictures, which may give you enough hints to figure something out.

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