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my website… http://www.suzanneworkhokanson.com

 I love anything to do with fibers! I have been more active in weaving than spinning over the past 20 years but still come back often to knitting because its so portable and adaptable. I just retired from teaching after almost 17 years as an art teacher. My husband and I love to sail. Now that we are foot-loose and fancy-free we plan to spend Oct-April here in Savannah and May-Sept on our 36 foot sailboat docked just south of the Canadian border in Plattsburgh, NY on Lake Champlain. Life is GOOD!

A few years ago, I followed another passion and I published a book Woven: a Bauhaus Memoir. I wrote about the Bauhaus, an exciting art school which existed in Germany between WWI and WWII. My goal was to make history come alive by illustrating and writing a journal in the voice of a Bauhaus student. Anna is a young woman who follows her dream and works with the talented artists who taught at the Bauhaus, such as Kandinsky, Klee, Albers, and Moholy-Nagy, and architects Gropius and van der Rohe. Weaving becomes her passion as she chronicles the tumultuous events of the time and what happened at this avant garde school.

 a bauhaus memoir

Read more on my website… http://www.suzanneworkhokanson.com

My favorite quote from Bauhaus weaver, Anni Albers:

“My beginning was far from what I had hoped for,

Fate put into my hands limp threads!

Threads to build a future?

But distrust turned into belief

And I was on my way!”


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