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Sally Orgren

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About me

Weaving Since
Kinds of weaving
Any! All! (Do you know about one that I haven't tried yet?)
Pets? Kids?
Are you kidding? I can barely keep a plant alive!
Favorite Color
Anything but pale peach. (why? I have no clue.)
Favorite Fiber
Natural fibers, anything that doesn't feel like plastic when woven.
New Jersey
About me

I am a guild groupie. I love my guilds to pieces and think they are the best weaving investment I ever made. My guildmates were a major force in shaping me into the weaver I am, and I am forever grateful. I have been a member of Frances Irwin Handweavers for 16 years, Jockey Hollow Weavers for 6, Cross Country Weavers for 6, and I joined Complex Weavers in 2010.

I love to sample and explore structure and color. Weaving is the only activity I can think of that engages one physically, mentally, and creatively, all at the same time. It seems to me, if you keep yourself open, there is a new adventure around every corner and that keeps the weaving journey exciting. (Plus all the nice people you meet along the way.)

When I discovered graphic design as a career, I couldn't believe someone would pay me a living wage to create art. When I found weaving, I couldn't believe that I discovered TWO things I love dearly, when most people spend a whole lifetime just trying to find one. That thought keeps me from being complacent, because who knows what else is out there that might be equally as engaging, and I just haven't stumbled over it yet?

While waiting for my next epiphany, rest assured you'll still hear the constant crash, whump, bang! of my loom reverberating from the weavatorium.


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