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Cherri Hankins was born in
Richmond, VA in the 60’s.  As a
part of a military family, she
moved west, and spent her early
childhood in Texas and Califor-
nia, where she was exposed to
native American textiles, and the
arts and crafts of San Francisco
and the Bay area. 
In the early ‘70’s, her family
returned to Virginia, where she
graduated from high school, and
college.  But traveling, and expe-
riencing the art of the world be-
came a part of her life.  She has
visited galleries and museums
throughout the United States and
Europe, but still believes the
greatest work of art is the world
we live in. 
Weaving entered her life in
1990 when she bought her first
loom at an auction.  She began
teaching herself from a book,
only to meet the late, Charlie
Romaine of Richmond. Dr. Ro-
maine took Cherri under his
wing, and passed on to her, much
of his 40 years of weaving experi-
ence, as well as his love of the
Today, Cherri has been weav-
ing, spinning, felting, and dyeing
for nearly 20 years. She takes
every opportunity to teach others
to tap into the artist within them-
selves also.  Her appreciation of
her own mentor’s ability to pass
on more than knowledge, but a
true love of the craft are what she
hopes to transfer to each person
who encounters her work, or who
studies with her. 
Cherri teaches. Sometimes,
she teaches more than she pro-
duces.  Her belief is that teaching
the craft to a new artisan is very
much like creating a new work of
art.  The difference is that this
new artist will be more than a
product. Her or she will produce
new art and occasionally, will help
produce new artists; perpetuating
the craft.

I am a teacher
I teach

Floor loom weaving, small loom weaving, rigid heddle weaving, wet-felting, sewing, kumihimo, Learn to weave in a weekend, week-long weaving intensive.


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