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About me

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District of Columbia
All things countermarch, twills, Navajo technique
About me

Named for the sisters of Lazarus; still trying to find the better part.

Current loom list:

  • Oxaback Ulla Cyrus vertical countermarch 16S/16T with floating lamms, 100 cm.
  • Ashford table loom, 16in. 8 Shaft (2nd generation) with stand
  • Louet Jane table loom, 15.5 in. 8 shaft
  • Mark Descheney Navajo Looms, Yazhi and Ateed (2 sizes)

Former Loom List

  • Berga Dalia by Varpapuu (re-branded Varpa Karelia), 80 cm. horiz. countermarch, 4S/6T upgraded to 8S/10T with cut down Glimakra Ideal parts
  • Toika Norjaana, 100 cm. horiz. countermarch, 8S/10T with worm gear
  • Bookshelf: (courtesy of LibraryThing)

    • Handweaving

    • Navajo technique

    • Kilim, cut pile, other ("oriental rugs")
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