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About me

Weaving Since
I started as a toddler with pot holders but all total, I haven't woven for long
Kinds of weaving
Continuous weave, small and tiny looms, art and freestyle.
Pets? Kids?
Here on the Funny Farm there are all kinds of wonderful critters
Favorite Color
I love color... all kinds of color... except orange but I find myself using it more and more these days
Favorite Fiber
Favorite fiber... hmm... that's tough. I love wools of every kind from fine to coarse and I love silks and rayons
New York
About me

My earliest weaving memories I think, are of the pot holder loom and I'll bet it's the same for many of you!   After that there were a few small looms of different kinds from cardboard looms to beading looms and more.    Back in the early seventies I used to sell natural decor stuff at the street festivals and at that time I was doing a lot of art weaving.  I wove wire and rags, grasses and feathers, paper and bark...  mostly wall hangings woven within the forks of tree branches but sometimes I'd do softer, fabric type pieces.   I'm excited to think that art weaving is perhaps enjoying a bit of a revival and I'm happy to find others experimenting! 

I'm a traditional feltmaker who decided to try her hand at spinning since I was buried in wool anyway.   I made myself a couple of hand spindles, decided i needed to learn wheel spinning....  now I had yarn so decided to learn how to knit and then crochet a bit...  then I was browsing the internet one day and discovered TRIANGLE LOOMS!!!!   Continuous weave!  I was hooked...  I found myself rekindling a love for weaving after all these years!   I still have a few small looms I've saved "forever"... small "toy" looms actually but I've recently pulled them out of storage and dusted them off to use in the near future for some art weaves...  just LITTLE projects...  I love quick little projects.  They suit my ADD attention span.  :-)    

I'll never be an accomplished weaver or own a wonderful floor loom, but I do hope to see many of you in the groups here for little looms, quick projects and art weaving! 




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