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I prefer simple looms 'cause they don't cost a lot of money!
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I am the weaver your teacher warned you about. I am a heretic. I don't do things by the book. I have a "make it work" approach to things. For me it is not "do it yourself" it is "do it my own darn self". My fiber adventure has taken me to primitive weaving because it is simple and less expensive. My blog: http://francosfiberadventure.blogspot.com

Rabbitgeek.com is my website. My sons started in 4H rabbit project in 1999 and we had a wonderful time going to rabbit shows, fairs, national livestock shows and conventions, etc. My sons no longer show rabbits.

Until recently, we had angora rabbits. My lovely wife Tracy was the chief angora wrangler. Because of the rabbits, we learned to spin the fiber. We used to throw it away until we found out people would buy all we had for $5 or $6 per ounce!

Anyway, I learned to use a drop spindle. My lovely wife Tracy started out with needle felting, but soon was spinning with a Babe Electric Flyer electric spinning wheel. Then she discovered the Knifty Knitter knitting looms and knitted up a ton of scarves and hats.

I also designed a cardboard spinning wheel/charkha that can be built for under $20. www.rabbitgeek.com/charka.html

Once I started spinning yarn, I knitted a scarf. Then I decided to try weaving. I'm learning all I can about weaving now.

The rabbits started us out in fiber projects.

Have a good day!


I am a teacher
I teach

I am willing and able to demonstrate simple/primitive weaving, braiding, and spinning skills to groups and individuals in Sacramento, Calif and surrounding region.  I am not a "certified" teacher, but I have worked with adult and youth groups over the years in a variety of settings. Fees, materials, and expenses are negotiable.


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