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About me

Weaving Since
Kinds of weaving
clothing, household linens, rugs, scarves
Pets? Kids?
2 cats ages 8 & 19
Favorite Color
rose pink and teal
Favorite Fiber
tencel at the moment, ask again when I've tried bamboo
New York
About me

I love weaving for many reasons...color, structure, touch, process, endless learning. It is the balance to my work, which can be creative, but is mostly physical. I like to teach and I love to watch 5 and under kids discover the Structo loom. They are sure it is made for them. I enjoy going to weaving conferences and I'm fortunate to have a nearby guild that I belong to. I also make some beaded jewelry and want to explore using beads in my weaving. My favorite food is dark chocolate, followed closely by popcorn.


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