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Kinds of weaving
Braiding, knotting and marlinspike seamanship, handweaving Ihave an antique counterbalance loom with 5 shafts and an older Gilmore 4 shaft jackloom. The counterbalance will soon be getting 8 more shafts however..
Pets? Kids?
1 dog (Akita-Chow mix), 1 daughter
Favorite Color
Cobalt Blue
Favorite Fiber
Wool and Silk
I also work in metals, leather, clay and wood.
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About me

My name is Charles. I am a retired Mechanical Engineer with Post Graduate certificates. I specialized in robotics, process controls and manufacturing systems. I am the former Priciple Engineer at Action Mechatronics, Inc an aerospace design/build engineering company. I enjoy mountain biking, hiking, canoeing, sailing and being outdoors. I farm a little and make pottery and indulge in woodworking. Right now I an restoring an antique loom. I live amongst the redwoods in Mendocino County just outside the City of Fort Bragg on the Mendocino Coast of California about 150 miles North of San Francisco.

I am a second generation potter on my Mother's side and I'm from a long line of blacksmiths on my father's. My formal education started with a heavy interest in education and I pursued a degree in Vocational Education wiht a specialty in Craft Industries. My direction changed from a visit to a Nuclear Power Plant and I decided I really wanted to become a nuclear engineer which is what I did. After a post-graduate degree in mechanical engineering I designed, built and started up nuclear power plants in the US and abroad along the Pacific Rim. My tenure in Korea, China, Japan and the Phillipines allowed me to pursue my interests in craft industries.

I am a teacher
I teach

One of my undergraduate degrees is in vocational education with a specialty in Craft Industries. I planned to be a post-secondary vocational education instructor but I particularly liked the idea of keeping traditonal craft industries alive. I work in metals, clay, wood and leather with some glass and textile thrown in for good measure. I actively teach jewelry fabrication and welding (especially for women) as well as hot forging ironwork, Dobby loom programming, multi-shaft weaving and weaving structure.


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