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Kinds of weaving
Overshot, bronson lace, waffle weave, plain, crackle
Pets? Kids?
I have 8 sons, no daughters, no pets.
New York
About me

I love weaving. The creative process is challenging, the technical demands are stimulating, and the desire to pass on what I am continually learning is socially fulfilling. As an active member of a spiritual commune I have much opportunity to teach and enthuse others to promote their creative talents as well.
I am also a sailor, an amateur radio enthusiast, a father, husband, household handyman.

I am a teacher
I teach

I home school my children and help friends teach their children. I even include instruction in weaving and plan to develop this aspect of our children's curriculum as the years go on. Perhaps, I will even develop some apprenticeship in weaving for older children and adults. As the facilities grow so will the options.


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