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Weaving Since
More off than on for 20 years.
Kinds of weaving
nothing specific
Pets? Kids?
5 kids & 7 grandkids & one husband :)
Favorite Color
purple or green
Favorite Fiber
anything plant based
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About me

I'm more a weaver wannabe than a true weaver.  I inherited an ancient Structo tabletop loom over 20 years ago that sat in the top of my closet until recently.  I got bitten by the bug at the shop where my stitch & bitch meets - the owner is a weaver - and got a wild hare & made a primative backstrap loom. I've had a Cricket loom that I traded for a 4 harness Schacht Table loom and I also have an old Peacock table loom.   I'm uhmmmm frugal so I'm trying to figure out how to build a floor loom.


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8 years 27 weeks
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