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Knotted Pile RUg

Project Status: 
Project Date: 
Fri, 08/08/2014 - Wed, 03/30/2016
Number of Shafts: 
Number of Treadles: 
16.00 EPI
Length on Loom: 
2.00 yd
Width on Loom: 
31.00 in
Finished Length: 
55.00 in
Finished Width: 
31.00 in

This is my second knotted pile carpet. It is much larger than the first one finished back in 2010.

This is a full sized knotted pile rug(32" x 55") - worked on a Cranbrook rug loom horizontally with handcrafted Middle Eastern tools. The design cartoon is pictured beside it.

The pattern comprised 236 knots (warp pairs) and 325 rows. Multiplied it comes to 76,700 handmade Ghiordes knots.

The rug was begun in Aug. 2014 just after Convergence in Providence.

Most of the natural colored pile knots are handspun from Karakul fleeces obtained from Letty Klein.

There is still a significant amount of finishing - trimming the pile more evenly, washing and scraping loose short fibers away, putting an attractive finish on the ends - BUT it is finally off the loom so I can use that Icelandic Fuzzy stool to get back to a full sized Navajo piece on the upright loom.

There is as of 3/30/16 significant finishing - the pile needs to be clipped evenly, stray short fibers brushed out, the rug ends finished and then washing. Will post photos when ready to go on the floor.

Karakul blend

Yarn Fibers: 
Fiber: Karakul wool
Percentage: 100
Yarn Weight: 
Heavy (500-1999 yards per pound)

This Karakul wool was raised in Montana and processed at Thirteen Mile Lamb and Wool:  www.lambandwool.com  According to the website, the Karakul has been blended with their longwools (Lincoln, Border Leicester) for a variety of natural and plant-dyed colors.  It's wonderful to weave with and makes a really nice light to medium-weight saddle blanket - perfect for a top blanket.