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Galvanized pipe for small tapestry frame loom

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Galvanized pipe tapestry loom--sitting on the check-out counter at the local Home Depot.
Parts for the galvanized frame loom ready for clean-up.
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This is the latest addition to my tapestry loom collection--based on Archie Brennan's pipe looms:http://www.brennan-maffei.com/Loom.htm  This is a scaled-down version of the black plumbing pipe loom that he describes at his website.  I bought the parts at the local hardware for under $44.


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Joined: 06/08/2009

Hi Tommye.  Have you checked into handling galvanized pipe?  Maybe it would be wise to wear gloves.  I only know that I once scratched my leg on a bit of galvanized metal and it took about 6 months to heal and I still have a scar -- even though it was a shallow scratch that didn't even bleed!



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Joined: 06/11/2009
haven't had a problem... but

Thanks for the note, Bonnie... do you mean the possibility of small burrs from the threads at the ends?  I'll look into that.  Kathe... do you have any thoughts about what's Bonnie's brought up?


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Joined: 06/11/2009
more about safety


I've searched quite a bit about the safety issues of handling galvanized steel and don't find anything specifically to address cuts or scratches that one might get with it.  The pipe is steel that's been given a coating of zinc oxide to delay rust when used in plumbing application, from what I read.  There are some concerns for welders and the fumes noted in several sites, including OSHA's website.  However, I didn't come across anything that noted caution for handling.

However, any metal components from hardware stores may have some manufacture irregularities--like the burrs at the threads that I mentioned before.  Handling anything with gloves would always be a good practice, I think.  I'll be cleaning the pipes with a sandpaper and a citrus solvent to get them ready to assemble into the loom before warping.  I'll be using gloves for that since it will be a bit of a messy job.  

Thanks again for asking about potential safety of handling!  Sorry I don't know more answers.


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