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Northern lights scarf

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Project Status: 
Project Date: 
Tue, 07/02/1991
Yarn: Rayon chenille 1450 ypp
Color: black
Type: warp
Yarn: Rayon chenille 1450 ypp
Color: black
Type: weft
Loom Used: 
Macomber Baby Mac CP
Number of Shafts: 
Number of Treadles: 
16.00 EPI
Length on Loom: 
3.50 yd
Width on Loom: 
9.00 in

The rayon chenille is threaded plain weave.  I used 4 shafts to spread it out some, but it could be done with 2.  I then placed the supplemental warp yarn (3 strands) alternately on shafts 5 and 6, evenly spaced throughout the warp (1.5" from the selvedges and spaced 1.5" throughout).  I tied 2 treadles for plain weave, one for shaft 5, and one for shaft 6.  I treadled with both feet so I could switch the supplemental warp.  I tried 6 picks for each supplemental shaft and 8 picks.  I still have to finish the second scarf (used 8 picks for that one) so I'll have to see how that compares.

The supplemental yarn is Lion Brand Trellis, a ladder yarn.  I couldn't figure out how to include this yarn in the project since Lion Brand is not in the Manufacturers database.

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Yum!!  Tina, that's really

Yum!!  Tina, that's really beautiful!  Those ladder yarns have always captured my attention and come home with me from shows and conferences, but I've never actually figured out what to *do* with them.  This is spectacular -- the shiny little squares in the ladder yarn are free to move and catch the light... and do!  Nice scarf.


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What a wonderful title for a

What a wonderful title for a beautiful scarf!  The supplemental yarn just glows and lights it all up.  At first I thought it might be beads it was so shiny and bright.  I have knitted with this yarn but have yet to weave with it....hmmmm.....something to think on.


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Joined: 05/12/2009
Thanks.  This is actually a

Thanks.  This is actually a variation of a pattern from Handwoven.  Her version shows a lot of the ribbon, but on one side only, and takes much more time.  You insert knitting needles or slender dowels to help keep the ribbon on the top.  I made a couple of them that way, then tried just a normal supplemental warp without all the fussing.  I like both ways, but this is much easier.

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