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Vavstuga Brown & Tan 8-Shaft Rep Rug

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Brown & Tan Close Up
Project Status: 
Project Date: 
Tue, 03/15/2011 - Tue, 03/22/2011
Yarn: Borgs String Yarn, Maxi
Color: Brown
Type: weft
Yarn: Bockens 16/2 Cotton
Color: Brown
Type: weft
Yarn: Bockens 16/2 Cotton
Color: Brown and tan
Type: warp
Loom Used: 
Glimåkra Standard
Number of Shafts: 
Number of Treadles: 
32.00 Ends/cm
Length on Loom: 
20.00 m
Width on Loom: 
77.40 cm
Finished Length: 
3.20 m
Finished Width: 
75.00 cm

The warp for this project was provided by Vavstuga Swedish Weaving in Shelburne Falls, MA.  The copyright draft is not available.

I've made a concentrated to weave more rep primarily because it is a weave structure that I never liked.  It is a slow going weave without much flow for my brain.  Needless to say, if I do enough of something I'll either really like it or hate it.  I'm still on the fence. 

This rug was a challenge for me.  The biggest problem was that initially it was set up on a countermarch.  I had difficulty obtaining a clear shed on treadles 1 and 2 (the furthest treadles from the lamm pivot point).  Sitting on a bench was creating some problems with my back (herniated disks don't help).  We switched to counterbalance and it is was a bit easier (while standing) to get the sheds I needed. If you are the type of person who likes your shafts nice and tidy don't pick the counterbalance set up.  The shafts at times looked helter skelter so I just didn't look at the buggers. 

The rug is quite stunning.  I'm in the process of weaving two more much shorter in length.


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Joined: 08/07/2011

Just lovely!Thank you for sharing your process.

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Joined: 06/17/2009
Great rug

Your rug is beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

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