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Bronson lace café curtains

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 you can almost make out the Bronson floats.
slaying reed
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Fri, 07/28/2017
Number of Shafts: 
Number of Treadles: 
12.00 EPI

This was a cone of yarn I found years ago on the sidewalk. About 35 wpi. Burn test indicates it is wool (or at least animal fiber). While I wait for yarn for a blanket to arrive I thought I'd experiment.

I use the ends of my warping board to hold the reed.  Looping the chain over my wrist or over the pegs of the board keep it in place and give me something to tug against if I need a little tension to check the slots or even out ends.


The fuzziness of the yarn is causing some small issues with opening the shed -- I have to make sure that each shaft that is supposed to stay down stays down. Otherwise I think I will be please with the results. I am still practicing throwing a shuttle and I think that if my tension is just off enough that the even shaft strands are not supporting the shuttle evenly. If I am not hyper conscientious about nudging the shuttle threw every other shed, it drop. out at the same place every time.

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It's all good....

Its all good practice. You will see a change in your shuttle throwing as you practice different techniques and with different yarns and tensions. I used to throw too hesitantly and as a result, my shuttle would fall through the warp midway. Also, my loom with a ledge for the shuttle to travel on is easier for me than my Ashford table loom which has no ledge. It's all a matter of technique, practice and perseverance. That said, you'vet made a nice airy curtain panel!

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Thanks!  I also realized that

Thanks!  I also realized that I needed to tighten the tention on warp over all to keep the weight of the shuttle from pulling the threads down.

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