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2017 Baby Blanket Series: Huck Stars

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2017 Baby Blanket Series: Huck Stars
Simulation of 6 shaft Huck star draft
6 shaft Huck Draft
Project Status: 
Project Date: 
Sun, 04/30/2017
Number of Shafts: 
Number of Treadles: 
10.00 EPI
Length on Loom: 
4.00 yd
Width on Loom: 
45.00 in

Using up stash yarns in pastel colors, this design is a variation of a favorite baby blanket pattern I have used in the past with Henry's Attic Monte Cristo IV. I am using a combination of fluffy cotton coned yarn from Webs, Silk City, and Mission Falls 1824 (kniting yarn). One of the blankets is destined for Portland, Oregon, the other for the guild sale unless another baby announcement comes my way between now and November.

I carefully planned out the warp stripe order and the weft stripes to use up all the materials. The blue (from Webs) is thinner than the other sources, so I will have to double that thread to match the grist of the rest. The base colors are moss green (787 yards), pale blue (1,848 single, but 924 yards doubled), dusty lavender (551 yards) and white (708 yards), with orange as a thin, accent stripe between blocks of color. I have two different but closely related colors of orange, so I'll use one skein for warp, one for weft. (about 73-84 yards per skein). I was thinking the overall color would be gender-neutral due to the green and orange, and pastel choices, but when viewing the simulation, I think this leans a bit more to the masculine side.

The huck motif doesn't quite center in each block precisely, so fingers crossed the baby (and parents) won't notice. I cannot jigger the design too much, because I have estimated my materials that closely. However, the simulation gives me a good idea of how the finished fabric will look. (The 3D fabric and wool simulation option is available if you use AVL WeaveMaker weaving software).

Off to wind a warp next!

5/1/17 Oh no. I determined that I don't have enough heddles on shafts 1+2 to weave this without moving heddles, a task I really despise to undertake because there is so much stored on the shelf above my castle. So instead, I am going to re-draft the pattern to 8 shafts, spreading out the warps that fall on shafts 1&2 to 1-4 instead. That way I won't have to move heddles. This doesn't prevent me from starting to wind the warp, however.

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Your baby blanket pattern is lovely! Also, as a new weaver, I appreciate seeing how you warped the pattern.

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I haven't taken a decent photo yet, but they came out pretty well. The second one was shorter than planned, and I had yarn left over. (My goal was to plan the project carefully, to use it all up!)

I noticed the material pilled a bit in the wash. I had to take a lint brush to remove the little slubs that formed before ironing to finish. I washed in the machine, cold, with color catcher sheets. Then into the dryer, cotton setting, until dry.

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