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The Dodec Spinning Wheel

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Wheel requires a single 1" x 4" x 10' pine board. That's it!
Here's Santa putting the wheel together.
Here's the weel with yarn in progress.
The completed wheel.
Novelty yarn spun on The Dodec. Navajo fleece space dyed with food coloring and hand picked.
The "bobbin" is a drinking straw, a yarn stopper and and document clip.
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Project Date: 
Fri, 09/14/2012
Number of Shafts: 

Sorry about the images being sideways. I'm trying to find an option for rotating pictures...This wheel requires a single 1"x4"x10' pine board and some hardware. Minimal wood working skills. If you don't want to build the spoke wheel, use a plywood or mdf round instead. See my other DIY Spinning wheel for more on that.Complete plans and construction are found here http://www.spinningdaily.com/cfs-file.as... The GROUP for this wheel, started by the inventer, is found on ravelry.com.  Has complete instructions, plans and how-to videos for this wheel.  The only changes I recommend to the original plans are to use two 4"bolts and wing nuts for the receiver and one 3 1/2" bolt for the axle.  Then make bobbins out of straws so that you can remove the spun yarn without having to remove the entire receiver or make additional spindles.

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