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Boulevard Weave - a walk down white lane

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Five dishtowels, ready for hemming
Little boxes emerging as little rectangles
Samples to play with square size
8-thread and 4-thread squares
Project Status: 
Project Date: 
Mon, 09/05/2016
Loom Used: 
Mighty Wolf
Number of Shafts: 
Number of Treadles: 
20.00 EPI

Finally up and weaving!  First for the positives:  white warp with birch weft is great - to me it reads as a deep gold color.  And I think the grey-blue 8/2 pattern weft goes well.  However, by following the draft, I am definitely getting rectangles.  How to get squares?  I know the answer is to test several things (like 3 repeats per box instead of four, and a smaller pattern tabby yarn if I can find one), but sometimes I feel impatient. 

11 October 2016:This draft is in Strickler's 8-Shaft Patterns book, page 180, #607.  The same threading, but different tie-up and treadling, give pattern #606, and i plan to do that, too.  I'm a bit shocked that I started this project over a month ago - I guess its true that I enjoy designing and warping more than weaving. 

January 2017:  This is off the loom! Five over-sized dish towels.  And with my new band loom, I am able to make a band that can be used for a hang loop.  I've gotten two of these babies hand hemmed, three to go.

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Joined: 07/11/2014
Beautiful job Queezle.

Beautiful job Queezle. Rectangles or squares, it's a gorgeous structure with great color. Definitely on the 'gotta do' list.

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Joined: 01/13/2012
They look great Queezle. Only

They look great Queezle. Only you will know what you expected. Nothing wrong with what you have really. :)

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Joined: 10/18/2012
blue weft

To me, the blue on the backside - where its almost window-like, look like little Dr. Who tardis.  Thank you, Reed Guy and Tom, for your kind comments. 

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Joined: 07/10/2015

Thinking about what variables you can use to control heighth & width. Thread size and thread numbers (epi and ppi) and warp thead elasticity. 

The square is elongated in the warp direction. If the reason is the warp thread did not snap back after stretching, you cannot control that. You can control picks per inch. As you are well aware, I have never woven on a floor loom. Perhaps my simple thinking will get your more experienced brain to generate a new thought and solution.

I agree with the other commenters, it is a beautiful pattern as you have woven it.

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I love this!!

Can you tell us where you got the draft?

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