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Almond Bamboo/Silk Ruffle Scarf

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Almond Bamboo/Silk Ruffle Scarf Macro
Almond Bamboo/Silk Ruffle Scarf Opened up
Almond Bamboo/Silk Ruffle Scarf 2
Project Status: 
Project Date: 
Thu, 03/24/2011 - Fri, 03/25/2011
Yarn: Patons Silk Bamboo
Color: Almond
Type: warp
Yarn: Patons Silk Bamboo
Color: Almond
Type: weft
Number of Shafts: 
Number of Treadles: 
10.00 EPI
Length on Loom: 
90.00 in
Width on Loom: 
8.00 in
Finished Length: 
70.00 in
Finished Width: 
8.00 in

I weaved this scarf on an Ashford Rigid Heddle Knitters Loom. I used a 10 dpi (40/10cm) Heddle, and used 40 slots.  The same yarn was used in both the warp and weft. I had 3 balls of 102yd each Bamboo Silk yarn and still had some leftover when I was finished.  The yarn is rated at a 3 for weight, is 65g/2.2oz. It is a handwash and Air Dry/lay flat yarn. I weaved loosely and beat only to straighten the yarn not to tighten the weave.  I pulled the middle three strands of Warp yarn when done and created a ruffle, then twisted the fringe to lock the ruffle in place.  The ending length refers to the length before cinching the ruffle, the finished length of this scarf is 55" with fringe.  If you want a longer scarf after cinching, adjust the warp length to longer than 95" remember what your waste will be, weave and then cinch. 

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Love your ruffle scarf! 

Love your ruffle scarf!  Thanks for sharing!

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Ruffled Scarf

I love the scarf, the color is brautiful! I am just wondering how you keep the ruffles from sliding up to one end or the other if it is just pulled warp threads? I have seen ruffled scarves using the method of warping the center with a wool and the sides with a tencel and shrinking the wool in hot water, but just pulling the warp threads is simpler. I will have to make a ruffled scarf myself, too. Maybe even two of them. I hope it's as pretty as yours.

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