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Atwater Bronson Lace on Ashford Table Loom

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Tue, 05/16/2017 - Sun, 05/21/2017
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This is the widest project I have attempted on my Ashford 8 table loom. 592 ends of 8/2 cottolin and 28 inches across on the loom. 29 inches in the reed. The draft is from Strickler's "A Weavers Pattern Book of 8- Shaft Patterns, # 611, and I did not feel ready to tackle it until I found the same draft with pictures and explanation in the WeaveZine archive from April 10, 2009. After moving heddles and buying more heddles and moving heddles again, I had the loom ready for 1/2 the threads on shaft 1. 

The loom is performing nicely. Learning to shoot a shuttle across all 28 inches without a dive down through the warp took some practice and a supporting hand underneath, since this loom lacks a shuttle race on the beater arm. The threads left down when the shed is opened just cannot support the weight of the shuttle without node-diving.  I can invision building and attaching a piece onto the beater arm and hope maybe Ashford will incorporate into future redesigns.... but its working and I am weaving. If all goes well I will make a woman's shawl in two pieces, with the warp of the first piece becoming the weft of the second to make an L-shaped garment. I am still not sure how I will wind the finished cloth onto the cloth beam while doing this, but hope to figure it out... I enjoy the challenge.

I am debating between a Might Wolf and a Louet David floor loom- if I can get space for it allocated. Any opinions on which way to go? I like the Mighyt Wolf for its folding capacity but worry about the metal heddle noise while weaving and the size making it hard to fold single-handedly.  I have read that it is possible to replace the metal heddles with texsolv to reduce noise. I have also read about it being less stable due to its width. I like the Louet David fort its texsolve heddles and stability, but worry about the larger footprint and the fact that once together and threaded it will not easily moved to another room in my house shoudl the need arise. Any comments would be appraciated.

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Schacht vs Louet

I owned a Baby Wolf and came very close to buying a David. I believe that the David has a folding back beam and can fit through a doorway. I find that the noise from a loom comes not from the heddles, which don't move much when weaving, but from the jacks. How close together the jacks are, whether they are steel or wood, makes a loom noisy or not. Counterbalance and Countermarche looms are almost silent. I have a Baby Mac, which sacrifices a lot in order to be compact and portable,and is very noisy. One thing about Texsolve is that it is much, much lighter than steel. On a wide jack loom, that is a lot of weight to lift, and it doesn't get better as you get older. I have heard of people replacing the steel with Texsolve on Schacht looms, but Schacht does not recommend it. What people commonly do with jack looms (table or floor) is to weave the pattern upside down if it calls for raising a lot of the shafts at once.

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