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Dallas Weavers

Weavers who live in or near Dallas TX

FancyFibersTexas 33 Join
Just Our Yarn Fans

This group is for everyone who loves the luxurious yarns of Just Our Yarn.

anelme 33 Join
Portland, OR Weavers

Weavers in Portland, OR

meara 31 Join
UK Weavers, Spinners & Dyers Guild

This group is for members of UK WSD Guild

Erica 30 Join
A Traveling Weavers' Guild

Weavers partnering with other weavers for world travel companionship, safety, economy and weaverly education.

Dakota 30 Join
Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance

Your fiber arts resource in the Southeast.

threadstowebs 30 Join
Demon Seamstress of Fleet Street!

A HalloWeave team dedicated to sewing with handwovens!

HalloWeave 2011
tien 30 Join
Fire in the Sky

Colorado Rocky Mountain High

Threshkin 30 Join
Central Virginia Weavers

Weavers, spinners, dyers and other fiber lovers in Central Virginia.

leedyc 29 Join
The Double Dares

Explore double weave structures together.

HalloWeave 2011
Claudia Segal 28 Join
Arkansas Weavers

A place for all things weaving in Arkansas!

elabeth 28 Join
Oklahoma Weavers

a place for people to talk about weaving in Oklahoma

Cynthia 27 Join
Georgia Weavers

A place for weavers in Georgia to network and find each other .

nalmaraz 27 Join
Dorset loom

to discuss dorset looms

Elk Ridge Orcha... 27 Join
Meridian Jacobs--Northern California

Weavers in N.CA & friends of Meridian Jacobs

RobinLynde 26 Join
Treadle Lightly ANWG 2017 Northwest Weavers' Conference

The Victoria Handweavers' and Spinners' Guild is hosting the 2017 ANWG Conference. We will post our newsletter here or visit anwgconference2017.com.

ANWG2017 25 Join

The Double Dares 2012 is for anyone wishing to learn, improve upon or just experiment with Doubleweave. Don't be scared! Doubleweave is fun!

HalloWeave 2012
thelmaweaves 25 Join
Spook Of The Loom

A group where any weaving ghost can be laid to rest!

HalloWeave 2011
B P 23 Join
Monthly Challenge Study Group

A group focused on regular challenges in a study group format!

[email protected] 23 Join
Weaving in the Land of Enchantment

A place to meet New Mexican weavers and share information about weaving resources and events in our state.

JesseLu 22 Join
The Daily Spider

A group to encourage weavers to weave every day

HalloWeave 2011
DianneStucki 21 Join
Maryland Sheep & Wool Equipment Auction

Comments, discussions, wants, & consignments

loomyladi 21 Join
Inland Empire Handweavers Guild IEHG

A meeting place for weavers in So. California

rugweaver 21 Join
Southern Oregon Weavers

For weavers, spinners, dyers, and all around fiber folks living in Southern Oregon

cgoyer 20 Join
Purrington Looms

Talk about your Purrington or learn about Purrington Looms. Handmade in the USA.

loomyladi 19 Join
Pegs & Sticks

A group about weaving with Peg Looms (Stick Looms) and Weaving Sticks

Suz-WeavingMeHome 19 Join
Herald loom owners

A place for Herald loom owners to share tips, tricks, fixes, etc. for these out-of-print looms.

fotyc 19 Join
Iowa Weavers

For weavers in Iowa

HeidiWeaves 18 Join
Fans of the Spinning Loft

The place for fans of the Spinning Loft weavers!

AsKatKnits 17 Join
Sacramento Weavers & Spinners Guild

Discussion of Guild activities in Sacramento Calif and surrounding area. Non-members are welcome to ask questions.

francorios 17 Join