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Horse Show Pad

Looking for tips and advice

Renn1125 4 Join
sett problem with point twill!

30 epi 22/2 cottolin weaving up weft faced?

Beebee 4 Join
Mt. Lassen Fiber Guild

Weaving, spinning, knitting, and other fiberarts guild

Jaci Siehl 5 Join
Thor’s House 2015

This house will accept the challenge to make at least one weaving, or spinning related tool during HalloWeave.

Halloweave 2015
Oli J 5 Join

Fiber Fusion is an annual fiber event held in Chico (Northern California).

Jaci Siehl 5 Join

This group is for students of the Weave!2017 Course.

Weavolutionary 5 Request membership
Designing Divas

Challenge yourself to push your design capabilities.

Halloweave 2014
Erica J 5 Join
Polo House

Start a weaving adventure!

Halloweave 2016
Erica J 5 Join
Burlington Spinners & Weavers Guild - Ontario, Canada

A very active Guild in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

RutheS 5 Join
Drafting Daydreamers

Drafting Daydreamers is a team for people who want to push the boundaries of their drafting skills.

HalloWeave 2013
Erica 5 Join
Kyra Loom Owners

Hello I am a new Kyra owner and am in a huge learning mode. I have always sewn and crocheted all my Life but want to learn more regarding weaving

Not2Cool2BBlue 5 Join
Bloomington Spinners and Weavers Guild (BSWG)

A group of fiber artists in south central Indiana whose members practice nearly every form of fiber artistry know to mankind.

Saige 6 Join
UFOs Begone

We all have them - UFOs or unfinished objects. Bring them out of hiding, share them with the group, maybe get some advice and FINISH THEM!

HalloWeave 2012
louiseinoz 7 Join
Daily Spider 2012

Weave Every Day!

HalloWeave 2012
DianneStucki 7 Join
Mad Scientists

Create your own little monster!

Halloweave 2014
sarahnopp 7 Join
Designhaus 2015

This house will focus on pushing the boundaries of design in weaving.

Halloweave 2015
Erica J 7 Join
Carmel Crafts Guild

Anybody interested in our Guild

groveweavr 8 Join

A group for TempoTreadle weavers, and those weavers interested in TempoTreadle

dawne 8 Join
Pikes Peak Weavers Guild

The purpose of the Guild is to meet and exchange ideas and techniques relative to the arts of hand weaving, spinning, and dyeing.

goldensal 8 Join
Wool Carpet Warp

Hello! I've been looking for a place that sells Wool Carpet Warp online but have not been successful. I'm only finding cotton and linen. ideas?

Victoria Manganiello 8 Join
Deen Looms

A place to share information about Deen Looms.

Sally Orgren 8 Join

Convergence is HGA's Bienial conference.

Erica J 8 Join
Knot Seelie's Apprentices

A place for Seelie's students and friends to hang out

greeneyedjrzgrl 8 Join
Weavers Guild of Miami Valley

This is for members of the the Miami Valley Guild for a free and easy exchange of weaving and related fiber endeavors.

Karren K. Brito 8 Request membership
Susquehanna Valley Spinners & Weavers Guild

A Guild dedicated to preservation and education of fiber arts.

Brenda Ocker 8 Join
Bobbinwinders Handweaving Guild

Celebrating Weaving Excellence in So Cal for over 50 Years!

khwaln 9 Join
Treadle This

WIF drafts with only threadings will be posted and members are asked to download the wif (or copy to graph paper) and devise their own treadling!

Weavolutionary 9 Join
Procrastination House 2016

As Halloweave winds down into Halloween, come share your stories and find strategies for only positive procrastination.

Halloweave 2016
[email protected] 9 Join
Traveling with your loom

A place to exchange ideas about how to travel with your loom/ weaving

msthimble 9 Join
Demon Seamstresses of Fleet Street 2012

A HalloWeave team dedicated to sewing with handwovens!

HalloWeave 2012
Daryl Lancaster 9 Join