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Ashford Table Looms

A group for owners of Ashford Table Looms

DianneStucki 57 Join
Munsell+dye study group

A study group formed to learn and use the Munsell Color System to help in mixing dye colors.

Karren K. Brito 57 Join
Small or "toy" Loom Weavers

For folks who weave on small , toy , or childrens loom less then 12 inchs in width

Weavejoyforall 58 Join
Cotton Clouds' Talk

Join in discussing your favorite Cotton Clouds' yarns, kits, fibers and more. Ask that nagging question you've always wanted to ask.

laughingcloud 60 Join
Language weaving

International exchange and translation assistance to weavers terminology

Kristina 61 Join
Harrisville Designs Looms

A place to share information regarding Harrisville Designs loom of all shapes and sizes

ChrisWeaveMaine 61 Join
Greener Shades Dyes

For users and newbies interested in dyeing in a more environmentally friendly way.

SarahMGreen 64 Join
Tapestry Study Group

Study any aspect of tapestry weaving you like and share your studies with like minded individuals.

Cathie Beckman 66 Join
Pennsylvania Weavers

For weavers in the keystone state

Cheekyredhead 67 Join
Professional Weavers

For production weavers, teachers and shop owners.

Dena 68 Join
Mechanical Dobby Looms

share ideas, sources, and tips on using mechanical dobby systems

suehelmken 69 Join
Contemporary Handweavers of Texas

A non-profit educational group organized to promote interest in the fiber arts.

debharrison 70 Join
Opening A Studio

Gathering ideas for opening a working studio

Thistle and Rose 75 Join
Cotton Yarn Fanatics

For fans of weaving with worsted cotton yarns

francorios 75 Join
John C. Campbell Folk School

A wonderful school where one can learn many things!

Pam Howard 76 Join
Unlocking the Secrets of Mini Loom Designing

Members learn and share design techniques and tips for apparel, accessories, home decor, toys and anything else fun

donnashandwoven... 77 Join
Downunder Weavers

Weavers weaving in, or interested in what's being woven, in Australia and New Zealand

MarlboroughWeavers 78 Join
Weaving Teachers

For us teachers to get together and shair tips, tricks, and horror stories.

Silverwheelyarn 79 Join
Animal to Cloth

This is a group for weavers who also grow their own fiber

lisack 83 Join
Teaching the next Generation

Geared toward learning to teach children to weave, 4H, girl scouts etc.

astroweaver 85 Join

for those of us in love with this structure

weaversouth 87 Join
Michigan Weavers

Great Lake State Weavers Come Along!

Mary Rios Lulich 87 Join
Georgia Yarn Company

A group for friend of the Georgia Yarn Company. Questions on yarn, looms and live are always welcome.

Michael White 88 Join
Dobby looms

for those of us who use dobby looms and want to focus

weaversouth 91 Join
Weaving history: Cut pile, kilims, flatweaves, jajims techniques

Weaving Rugs using cut pile, kilim, and other techniques

Virag 94 Join
Weave A Real Peace

A catalyst for improving the quality of life of textile artisans in communities-in-need.

brandon 98 Join
Weaving to Sell

If you sell your work, let's communicate.

weaversouth 98 Join
UK weavers

a place for UK weavers to share infor

DJCNOR 100 Join
Ecclesiastical Weaving

Worship and spiritual weaving

redheaded weaver 101 Join
Cardboard Loom Weavers

for those who weave on corrugated cardboard looms

suzyhok 105 Join