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Looms of the world

This is a place to describe and display photographs of interesting looms that you have seen in your travels.

warped loomster 2 Join

This group is for students of the Weave!2017 Course.

Weavolutionary 5 Request membership
Halloweave Houses 2017

This group will host Halloweave 2017! Please start your houses (teams) here!

Weavolutionary 11 Join
Lillstina Loom Owners

A group to talk about Lillstina floor and table looms

ALittlebird 2 Join
Horse Show Pad

Looking for tips and advice

Renn1125 4 Join
Weavings in Public

Post about weaving in public here!

Weavolutionary 1 Join
Help Desk

Use this group to ask questions about the community.

Erica J 3 Join
Compu Dobby IV ..... newbie

Help and tips for getting this loom going

Pauline Silverwood 2 Join
Upholstery -- Discussions Related To Weaving Upholstery Fabric Of All Kinds

Discussions about weaving upholstery fabric including yarns, setts, patterns, etc. What works and what doesn't?

beachweaver 2 Join
Warping Back to Front: Table Loom

This class covers all the steps to warping a back to front and includes tips specifically for warping table looms

Erica J 1 Closed
Help with 24" compact leclerc loom

Issues with tension and break

Jessica McDonald 2 Join
sett problem with point twill!

30 epi 22/2 cottolin weaving up weft faced?

Beebee 4 Join
Phoenix - Southeast Valley Area Weavers

Weavers, Spinners, and other fiber artists in the Southeast Valley

Amanda Bielski-... 1 Join
Phoenix - Southeast Valley Area Weavers

Weavers, Spinners, and other fiber artists in the Southeast Valley

Amanda Bielski-... 1 Join
Electric Bobbin Winders for Production Weaving

Looking for an electric bobbin winder that won't burn out in one sitting (winding 20,000+ yards at a time).

comfortclothweaving 3 Join

Test Group

Weavolutionary 3 Join
Wool Carpet Warp

Hello! I've been looking for a place that sells Wool Carpet Warp online but have not been successful. I'm only finding cotton and linen. ideas?

Victoria Manganiello 8 Join
Seeking Clement Loom

Hello! I am looking for a Clement Loom for weaving rugs. Anyone looking to sell or know of one that is available? thank you! Victoria

Victoria Manganiello 3 Join
Tabby to Taquete Study Group

Weft Faced Study Group

Erica J 9 Join
The Third Loom - A LeClerc Dorothy Table Loom

LeClerc Dorothy Table Loom for Sale

sloopcreek 2 Join
Overshot Issues?

Overshot pattern appears elongated

SueMello 3 Join
Treadle This

WIF drafts with only threadings will be posted and members are asked to download the wif (or copy to graph paper) and devise their own treadling!

Weavolutionary 9 Join
Lervad loom

Need to know which Lervad and how to put it together

Maggie Stearn 2 Join
Procrastination House 2016

As Halloweave winds down into Halloween, come share your stories and find strategies for only positive procrastination.

Halloweave 2016
[email protected] 9 Join
The Weaver's Cottage Podcast

A place to find, discuss, and share projects related to the Weaver's Cottage Podcast

Weavolutionary 11 Join
Active Arachnids 2016

Challenge yourself to weave a little bit everyday, or do something weaverly, such as reading about, studying or researching a weaving related topic.

Halloweave 2016
Weavolutionary 12 Join
Polo House

Start a weaving adventure!

Halloweave 2016
Erica J 5 Join
Doctors Frankenstein

If you are scared of projects with seams, this is the 2016 Halloweave Team for you.

Halloweave 2016
10ashus 3 Join

A group for TempoTreadle weavers, and those weavers interested in TempoTreadle

dawne 8 Join
Arawak Loom

Discussion on weaving on an Arawak Loom

nelsonabo 3 Join