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Doctors Frankenstein

Want to get over being scared of seams? Me, too. Let's become fearless Dr. Frankensteins. So what if we create a monster. We won't be afraid. Hey. Get out from under that bed.

Prepare now; weave in October.


You choose your own project woven on any loom. The only criteria is your project must have at least one seam. 


  1. Seam together rectangles - rugs, blankets
  2. Seam together apparel - vest, skirt, top, cape, poncho
  3. Seam together squares from mini-looms or samplers
  4. Seam together one piece folded - hooded scarf, bag, tote

I will start discussion threads where you can add tips and suggestions about project ideas and tutorials on how to make the seams. What will you weave and stitch?


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