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Polo House

This house is for all the adventorous exploreres out there! Set aside the month of October to explore!!! Who knows, like Marco Polo, one short exploration may lead to years more! You can weave twill your entire life, and twill is amazing, but you don't want to weave the same twill for years and years, now is the time to explore what you can do! Love overshot? Use your favorite overshot draft, but explore the different ways you can treadle it. Weave as drawn in produces classic patters, but what if you use that Blooming Leaf profile draft and create your own innovative treadling?

I have always been fascinated with the advernterors on the Silk Road. Now that I have completed 4 years of study of varying weave structures I'm ready to set out on my own and pave a new trail. You don't need an in depth background to break out on your own Marco Polo was a teenager when he set off on his great adventure. So who's with me?!

Erica J