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Mad Scientists

HalloWeave 2014 Mad Scientists

Bring a bit of your inner Dr. Frankenstein into your weaving life. 

Let's take this opportunity to create some woven three-dimensional scultpure! Beaded creatures, non-functional basketry, impractical jewlery: Here is a chance to use your weaving skills to make something without any expectation of drape or function. We've made scarves and dish towels until our families cringe, but we can strike some real terror in them with a little monster from your imagination. 

Unearth those macrame skills and perfect that macabre knot...

Scrounge up some driftwood & moss under the light of the moon...

That shiny silver metallic stuff will be like a strike of lightning to your creation!

And that hoard of beads will finally be used by someone other than visiting goblins.

Don't forget: As mad scientists, we are free to make all the mistakes we want and blame it on our minions. So let's see those experiments!