Road Trip!

Going on a road trip to get my newly purchased Cambridge Countermarch Loom, (aka'The Beast' by it's previous owner).  This is a loom that has the capacity to make a 5' wide rug, OMGosh!  The previous owners are so sweet, and have volunteered information and items needed to get started.  I am blessed!  We rented a box trailer to bring the loom home in as I did not want it out in the air with bugs, road dirt, and possibility of damage to it.  Have to make room at our shop for it, whooooohhhh..... lots to do.

Since this is my first blog, you will have to forgive me if I add too much, or omit something essential......Lots of things going on in my head and am trying to be peaceful and not over-whelmed. 

Work-in-progress!!  ;)