Simple Backstrap loom 2nd experiment

This is my second attempt with the DIY backstrap loom.  Again I used the bottom of the port-a-cot to wind the warp because it's still the only place I can find that's remotely suitable.  I'm feeling quite rushed having a 2 year old climb all over me and try to run off with scissors, wool and sticks makes the job a lot harder than it is as well as trying to improvise on tools, I feel like I'm not being able to pay as much attention to each task as I'd like.  This time I did a little better when getting the warp onto my loom bars. There was minimal string mix ups.  Again I tied the top loom bar to the side of the kids slippery dip and this time I have lots of pictures.  I had to re-do the heddle strings loads of times to try and get around this issue of the threads trying to stick to each other, they were getting all knotted and matted together. 

Is that becuase of cheap acrylic yarn or becuase my technique is no good?  I have lots of skips because of it being hard to separate the sheds.  Weaving would be a lot more enjoyable if this didn't happen!  Next time I'm going to try my DIY rigid heddle I've made out of craft sticks. Not 100% on how I'm going to get the rigid heddle onto the threads?

...Anyway, here's photo's of what came of this 2nd experiment: I did a total amateur noob job with plenty of issues hahaha.