'Mac happy dance'

By Anonymous (not verified), 29 March, 2011

After finding a B4D on Craigslist, cleaning it up and warping the sectional warp for the first time I got the super hooks in the mail today and was finally able to WEAVE! I am so impressed with this loom.  It weaves beautifully and is quiet.  I'm already looking for a baby Mac to take on my front porch in the summer.  What a great loom!


andsewon (not verified)

11 years 6 months ago

Thanks for sharing! What is your loom setup? (how many harnesses, etc.) Did you warp front to back or back to front? Way to go! Connie

neweaver (not verified)

11 years 6 months ago

It has 8 harnesses and I warped back to front with a little jury rigged tension box and yardage counter set up.

Michael White

11 years 6 months ago

that was great to hear. Now we all are waiting for pictures. Enjoy your Macomber. Glad that Macomber didn't runout of superhooks. Had three weavers plus yourself ask me about hooks last week.