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Wagon Wheel Rug

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Wagon Wheel Rug
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Sun, 06/21/2009 - Sun, 08/30/2009

I wanted to try some weaving in the round, so I took a Wagon Wheel Round Rug weaving class at the Black Sheep Gathering.  At the class, we made our own round loom out of PVC piping, then sewed a knit fabric to it for pinning our warp strips.  Initially, 8 strips were laid across as initial warp (red).  Then, a 9th strip was started at the frame (laid next to one of the 8), but when I got to the middle, this also became the initial weft.  As I worked out, every few rows, a new pair of warp strips were added.  First the flowery print, then the green.  I like the weaving technique, but I didn't like the frame I was using.  I think I needed a more rigid frame.... A wagon wheel would have been nice!  Apparently, these rugs were woven by some of the early pioneers who had to work with what they had.

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 What a fun way to weave a

 What a fun way to weave a rug!  What is the diameter??  How creative to sew a knit fabric around the PVC!  I was imagining slicing notches into it... to hold the warp.  I had students weave on a cardboard pizza tray and it was similar, but we didn't add warp and therefore the center was thick with crossed warps... it also didn't lay flat.  I'll have to try the PVC way sometime! Thanks for the inspiration!


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