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October 9, 2017
Hello my fellow Weavolutionaries!
I hope this month finds you well and weaving! I have had the great pleasure to teach a beginning weaving class in person. Along with owning Weavolution and being  a part of this online guild, I also belong to the Cambridgeshire Weavers, Spinners, and Dyers Guild! I enjoy the times that I am able to make it to Cambs Guild meetings and events, but love that I can interact with our online Guild on a daily basis!
Teaching Weave!2017 was such a great experience for me. I had 8 wonderful students and 3 wonderful tutors in the course. As the teacher I planned 8 fun warps and with the help of 2 other guild mates, including Weavolution's own Beth P, we warped up 8 looms. We had Ashford, Harris, Louet, and Schacht looms. We used yarns in wool, organic cotton, mercerized cotton, and linen!
Only 2 of the students had any weaving experience, so we were really starting at the beginning. This experience was refreshing and energizing. I got to teach these new weavers our language and seeing first hand different concepts being understood was truly fabulous. I also learned a lot about each new weaver. I felt like Ms. Frizzle from the Magic School Bus. I did not tell the students what to do, I gave suggestions and "recipes", but also allowed them to freedom to try their own thing. What happens when I weave this warp as that warp is drawn in? There were suggested lift sequences , but also a list of hundreds of possibilities.There were no correct wefts that go with each warp.I also do not teach a lot of rules. I don't teach rules, because I have found through experience most of the rules are not true. You can't weave with singles, not true. You have to make all your decisions before you warp the loom, etc. etc.  
I am now truly set for my Halloweave House, because through teaching this class, I now have so many design ideas running through my own head. I hope my students do as well!
If reading this makes you wonder how I teach and weave, check out my Exploring Twills class, where you'll see my own twill discovery process and also get access to the hundreds of possibilities I've discovered for 4 shaft warps!
I hope sharing my experience had inspired you to go forth take chances in your weaving, get messy, and discover some happy accidents! (Yes I mixed signature lines there.)
Happy weaving and exploring,
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