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Tech Tip: Are you missing out?

March 30, 2017

We know a lot of people love the Dashboard for their main place to check in, but you might be missing out on some amazing content, if you don't use My Groups, or go to your Groups every now and again. Why? When you go to your groups, you will see a photo of projects that have been shared with that group. You also know if you are seeing a project there that it has been posted by someone in the gorup and shared specifically with that group. The My Groups and Group pages are a great way to engage with other people with similar interests!

I am a bit of a group junkie. I have a variety of interests from all the amazing things you can do with a basic twill threading, to damask, taquete, and samitum! I love seeing what other people in all my groups are up to, interacting with them in discussions and seeing their weaving. If you don't know how to share your projects with your groups, see this article.

Happy Weaving,


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