Magic in the Water

Weavolution is excited to be the new host for Laura Fry's Magic in the Water. Magic in the Water is a fantastic book which will help you transform your weaving into true cloth! We all know the saying "it's not finished until it's wet finished." But many of us also struggle to get past our fear of ruining our woven web! Although the original print book with samples is not longer available, Laura Fry and Weavolution work together to provide an electronic cope for anyone who would still like to purchase a copy. At this time, we haven't set up a process by which you will be able to download the file instantly. We will grant you access within 24 hours to a private group, where the file can be accessed. You will also be able to discuss this wonderful book with other readers. Make sure you indicate your Weavolution user name or e-mail address connected to your Weavolution account is attached to your PayPal account.