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The Quad

Width of Loom: 
16.00 in
Number of Shafts: 
Number of Treadles: 

The Quad is a rigid heddle loom that can hold up to 4 heddles at once. By using four 10-dent heddles, weavers can create patterns in their webs (including patterns that require 5 shafts) and work on warps as fine as 40 ends per inch. We make a 24" weaving width version of The Quad by special order.

Times Used: 
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The Quad

So where does one get this RH?  

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Where to purchase the Quad rigid heddle loom

Hi, sherryk--

For more information about the Quad, and to order a loom, contact: [email protected]. Or send a note by mail to: Shore Pine Studios; P. O. Box 324; Seal Rock, OR 97376. If you contact us by mail, you will receive information, an order form, a hand-out sheet about a method of direct warping that I developed to eliminate some of the problems with the single peg method, and--perhaps best of all--a very cool magnet that reminds you to weave.

Thanks for your interest in the Quad.

All the best--



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