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Mighty Wolf

Width of Loom: 
46.00 in
Number of Shafts: 
Number of Treadles: 

Schacht Spindle 8 shaft 10 treadle MIGHTY WOLF LOOM with High Castle Tray weaves 36" wide  and measures 45” wide - includes Bench, 12 small 4" Bobbins, Multiple Flat Shuttles - misc long and short sizes, 3 Boat Shuttles, End Feed Shuttle, Several Lease Sticks, Several Warp Sticks, 1 Reed 36", Heddles, 1 Comb/1Beater, Raddle, Plastic Reed,

2 Threading (Heddle) Hooks, McMorran Yarn Balance, Umbrella Swift, Warping Board, Bobbin Winder. Assortment of Cone Threads (20+), Box of Weaving Magazines.

A great Portable Floor Loom at $2350. Located in Warren IL (near Galena – NW IL) Buyer responsible for pick-up. [email protected]

Times Used: