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Gilmore 45" X-Frame

Built around 1940, this is one of Gilmore's oldest. I bought it in 1995 from Emily Diakoff, when she was retiring from weaving; she bought it from a retiring weaver in the early 1980s. Before that, who knows!

Gilmore Looms
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need to see picture of loom

Could there be a picture of this loom that could be put on the web. The information is on the Looms section and on the last page captioned Gilmore 45" X frame. I am trying to identify this loom and was told it is a Gilmore. But others say it is not. It is an old loom and has an X frame, 45 inches, 10 treadles. The brake system is a metal band around a drum.

Any help identifying it would be appreciated.


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