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Width of Loom: 
30.00 cm
Number of Shafts: 
Number of Treadles: 


Habu has started importing these looms from Avril in Japan. The 30 cm (12" model) is the latest size.

Maker: Avril Looms, Distributed by Habu Textiles, [email protected] 

Model: 30 cm, 12” wide. Avril also makes a 40 cm and a 60 cm rigid heddle loom. 

Type: Rigid Heddle. 

Age: Purchased November of 2012

Price paid: $215 for the loom alone, ordered from Habu Textiles in NYC (see above for link.)  The heddles are $25 each and a 7.5 dpi heddle comes with package.  I paid about $11 shipping to NJ, for the loom and 3 extra heddles.   

Dimensions: over-all 20” long, 16” wide. Weaving width 30 cm, 12.”  As I have continued to use this loom I notice that the area in front of the heddles is shorter than the Ashford Knitters Loom, by a little over an inch. This means that the warp must be advanced sooner, but I do not find this to be obtrusive to my weaving. I rather enjoy advancing the warp, as I feel like I am reaching the end faster (not true, of course, but it is all in the way you look at it!) 

Shed: 1 3/8”. 

Average Loom Waste: 12”- 16” depending on if you use fringe as part of loom waste. 

Fit & Finish: unfinished, a type of pine. It is unfinished, so I put a coat of Howards Feed n Wax on it, which only took about 45 minutes. I warped it about an hour later.

Additional features: The loom has holes for pegs (included) that fit on the top of the side rails at each corner. Also two little disks called “coils” that fit on the base of the pegs, to hold a small cone of yarn. If you turn the loom over you can place pegs into holes in the braces, 4 for each brace. This allows you to use the back of the loom for a 2 yard warping board. Longer warps may be made using one of the warping pegs set away from the loom. I like this feature because I can sit in my RV at the tiny table and measure a warp with no extra warping board and no walking. A plus also for people with no storage space and small apartments! Two warping pegs are included, a single peg and a double peg. Also included: a bag, not padded, to carry your loom. It is made of that “fabric” that $1 grocery bags are made of. A threading hook is included, and a smaller one came with the 12.5 dent heddle. Two 10” stick shuttles and a manual (in English). 

Pro’s: Small, lightweight, fits in a bag, on-board cone holder (coils and pegs), warping board, extra warping peg, heddles are on sale at the moment, generous sheds, doesn’t need a stand. You can store everything in the bag and hang it on the wall out of the way. 

Con’s: cheap bag. Loom and accessories are unfinished. 

Types of projects you have woven on this loom: scarves, banner 

Years weaving in general and on this loom: I’ve been weaving since 1985, on this loom for 2 months at time of this review. Transporting your loom: The loom was delivered by USPS to my home. It is lightweight and easy to carry.


I do enjoy this loom! It is so cute and fun to weave on, the size makes it super-portable without having to fold it, and I love the warping features.  It is a nice loom to be able to weave in a comfy chair on your lap.  I will make some comparisons with the Ashford Knitters Loom: It weaves 12” wide. Length is 20”, 3” shorter than the AKL. Width is 16”, 1” shorter than the AKL. This could be a really good thing for someone who has short arms. The AKL heddles are 1/8” too wide to fit on the Avril. The Avril heddles do, however, work fine with the AKL, and they don’t fall out of the AKL heddle holders. Avril does not fold, nor does it have the cut-outs at the back of the loom to hook onto the edge of a table. It has no stand. Avril is meant to be woven on a table top, on your lap (which works really well,) or against a table. There are little rubber-tipped feet that the loom sits on. The sheds are generous. Heddles are the same sizes as are offered for the Ashford RH looms: 20/10cm (5 dpi,) 30/10 cm (7.5 dpi,) 40/10cm (10 dpi,) and 50/10cm (12.5 dpi.)  The front brace is 2 1/2” from the front beam, so it should take a longer warp than the 4.5 yards possible on the AKL. As a comparison, my AKL has a 1” gap between brace and front beam.


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