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Ashford Sample-it Loom. or ASIL

Width of Loom: 
7.75 in
Number of Shafts: 
Number of Treadles: 

Dimensions: over-all is approximately 18 ½” x 11.” Weaving width is 7 3/4”. 

Shed: 1” 

Average Loom Waste: 12”-16” 

Fit & Finish: Comes unassembled and unfinished, with 7.5 dpi heddle. 

Additional options: Extra heddles in the following sizes are available: 5, 10, and 12.5 dpi 

Pro’s : Easy to weave on your lap or on a table top, fits in a Large LL Bean Tote Bag. A really fun loom to weave on! 

Con’s: Obviously, the narrow width is a con if you want to weave wider items without seams. Does not have room for a second heddle block. 

Types of projects that can be woven on this loom: 

Change purse 

Clothing repair kit 

Cozy for phone or iPod 

Dog clothing 

Dog collars and leashes 


Doll clothing 



Key fob 

Neck warmer 

Needle book 

Paperback book cover 

Pin cushion 


Pot holders 


Small organizer bag 

Spindle or knitting bag 

Tea cozy 

Tissue holder for purse 

Wine bag 

Woven box Woven cards or postcards


 Transporting your loom: ASIL bag.JPG LL Bean Large Hunter’s Tote Bag, Zip Top 

Comparing this loom to AKL:

This is a very nice loom to weave on, and easier to use on the lap than the 12” AKL, IMHO. Ashford always makes a nice product, and I have not been disappointed with the ASIL. If I could only have one of the two looms, I would probably choose the AKL only because that extra 4 inches makes it more versatile, but I really like this loom!


Comparing the ASIL to the Avril Loom:


Again, the Avril has those 4 extra inches in weaving width. However, it is similar in length to the Avril, so both are easy to use on your lap. Ashford does make better ratchets and pawls than the Avril loom, which are a bit flimsy. If I could only have one out of the Avril, AKL, and ASIL, my choice would still be the AKL.


Having said that, I believe that the best sized loom for the job is the smallest one that will give you the weaving width you need. So if you mostly weave scarves or other small items and don’t have the room for a stand, the ASIL would be a great choice. It is also a bargain, price-wise. And I see it being a fabulous child’s loom, as well as a great gateway drug--I mean “intro to weaving”-loom.

Times Used: