Would love to see lots of guild members use this resource

This is a way we can communicate with each other without having to go through the newsletter system.  If you have a loom to sell, or are looking for one, here's a place to say that -- or ask for leads to other sources of loom sales.  If you want to carpool to an event, or if you've run out of yarn in a project and would like to find out if anyone in the guild has some of X, Y, or Z to spare.  And if you're having a problem with a feature of your loom or the interpretation of a pattern, posting a question here might get you an answer.  Whatever -- it's our place to chat.  Just remember that all posts will show on the home page to anyone who is a member of Weavolution, so be careful about information and opinions that should be kept more private.



Pat, I like this idea for a guild communication tool.  I hope others will join in.   I will use it, in fact I am searching for a standard schacht loom 46 wide 8 shaft, if anyone has one that they are considering selling.  Patricia


Hi Pat

I just found you here on Weavolution - just wanted to say hi. I just found an email from Judy W about the cherrry baby wolf loom - its in NJ but the woman selling has a daughter in Lynchburg Va.   I haven't found it on this site yet.     JudyR