Weaving Resolutions for 2010?

I just posted my weaving resolutions for 2010.  Are you making weaving resolutions this year?  If so, what are they?



My resolution is to mix things up a bit on my backstrap loom. I am usually all about warp faced weaves with pick up but, this year, I want to learn at least one balanced 2 or 4 shaft structure per month and weave it on my backstrap loom. (Along with all my warp faced pick up weaves, of course!)


 Oh, and i want to reproduce the balanced double weave designs I have on numerous pre Columbian textile fragments.


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I don't make resolutions, but do review the past year and set out a list of general goals.  This year's goals are:

  • Finish weaving and sewing my wedding dress, using couture techniques
  • Exhibit the wedding dress at CNCH and Complex Weavers
  • More studies of weave structures
  • Play with color
  • Write a few more weaving articles

My weaving-related accomplishments this year included:

  • Launched Weavolution!!
  • Dyed and wove 16 yards of fabric for the cashmere coat
  • Experimented with knitted blanks for interesting effects while weaving
  • Designed and wove 26 yards of very fine dress fabric – 10 yards at 96 epi, 16 yards at 72 epi
  • Designed the double happiness ribbon and the eternity knot pattern for the wedding coat
  • Spent five days studying weaving ergonomics and collapse weave with Laura Fry
  • Wrote my first two weaving publications, an article on plain weave for WeaveZine and an article on the wedding-dress drafts for Complex Weavers Journal
  • Played with woven iridescence

I'd be interested in reading about other people's weaving accomplishments in 2009, and their plans for 2010!



Not internet being flaky, Laura, but thanks for your quick response, letting me know my experience wasn't universal. Apparently my (Australian) IP ran afoul of some blocks Syne set up to keep spammers out of the site. Since I'm not a spammer, she changed things so I can access the site, thank goodness. And I have immediately downloaded the latest podcast. Now... where did I put that list of resolutions?



My  resolution this year is stash busting/ass busting (pardon if I offended anyone, fanny just didn't rhyme). I spent last year buying very little yarn or fiber, I really need to whittle down tthe stash.

For the weaving part: First, I need to clear two looms: 

15 yard rug warp on the Lillstina, maybe 13 yards to go, then the Lillstina goes. She holds a wicked tight warp and the beater really beats, but I am not crazy about the counter balance and the treadle set up.

Sample warp from Advancing Twills with Bonnie I. is still on the Glimakra Victoria 8 harness table loom, which will also be for sale when empty.  Proceeds go toward an 8-shaft Baby Wolf.  I'd rather use my feet than hands to change sheds.

In the stash and on the design board: many yards of handspun (scarves. shawls and a bog coat); 9 extra large cones of Louet linen (tea towels anyone?) and many spools of cottolin in various colors.  Whenever possible, I plan to wind the warp double length, and have the second set of whatever put aside for my guild's sale in November.

For the other busting part: I am heading for the yoga mat after I post this.

Happy Weaving, Happy New Year     Jerri



Not only is the iridescence lovely - even in the photo, I love the idea of treadling the hemstitch.  If you treadled your threading, you could also use, or modify and use that too.

Thanks for the new arrow in my quiver.

Regarding my goals for the year, I never know how much time I'll actually be at home, so my goal will be simple - just to weave as much as possible!

My very best wishes for the new year to everyone.



I have 2 goals this year:

1. to design and weave the fabric,  and sew two garments this year. Since I seem to work best by deadline, one will be to wear to Convergence and the other will be for Christmas.

2. to contribute more to Weavolution instead of just enjoying what everyone else is doing. 


Many, many thanks and congratulations on a monumental success to everyone at Weavo.

Have a great New Year all. May it be filled with health, happiness, and, most of all, lots of weaving.



Goals in 2010:

1. To finish the sampler backstrap belt currently on Nisse (the elder Glimåkra) and get some interesting table linens on her for home

2. To mess about with the new marudai, make several braids that are Things rather than merely Samplers - I'm heading off into jewelry or wearable pieces as themselves and just dropped a bracelet and neck piece up to Andrea at Amazing Yarns, to go in the guild exhibit at the local library for January. The plan is to diligently work the basic patterns so they're "under my fingers" and into my somatic memory, and go experiment from there. F'rinstance, while doing an 11-end triangular braid (no. 51 in Rod Owen's 250 Braids), it occurred to me that this could potentially make a fascinating 5-sided braid...

3. To finish rehabilitating the Waif loom, a woebegone home-made relic with Promise.  Mostly done, and voila, I'll have an 8-shaft loom to mess about with!

4. To teach some more, since I'm convinced that weaving is on its bi-generational upswing. I'm doing a 90-minute workshop at Pantheacon in February for who-knows-how-many, and I intend to hand all comers projects they can carry off with them. Yarn stash to handle this: okay, even if I wind up making cardboard simple looms and tie off folks in pairs and piles to tension one anothers' backstraps and prattle on history, context, interlacement and how to avoid the hourglass first weaving draw-in, and hope to see projects continue to be pulled out to be worked on throughout the rest of the 4-day conference (hee! Im scheduled for morning of day 2!)

5. To brave weaving a little finer than before. Since that basically means "anything finer than 8/2 cotton rug warp" this may not be too difficult to achieve. See No. 1 on table linens goal.

6. To keep on spinning and perhaps buy a wheel in 2010.


Accomplishments in 2009:

1.  I agreed to and took in the Black Sheep Handweavers Guild library, thus joining the guild board, and created an actual catalog for it for the guild, and it's in a pleasant corner of my home studio room. It's pretty cool to have access to this material, and to share that access with guild members. Most of the usage churn is in whatever materials I can haul to monthly guild meetings; visits to the physical library are happening, and more and more members are emailing to request specific materials. Sorry folks farther afield, we do not do interlibrary loans; but shared libraries are a great reason to join & support your local guild!

2. I've been attending a local weekly spinning night as often as possible this past year, and got out to the midsummer Spinning at the Winery day - Wonderful. Learning lots. Splendid company.

3. Took a three day workshop on eight techniques, with Anne Field in June 2009. With 16 people, we warped up two looms in each of eight techniques and wove our way around the room, shared our show-and-tell on the final day, and I hope everyone had as much fun and learned as much as I did. Wove off the remainder of my warp (Moorman technique) to make book covers.

4. Took a three-day workshop in braiding with Rodrick Owen in October 2009, up at Martha Stanley's place in Watsonville with some wonderful fiber mavens, who are continuing on and meeting monthly.   

5. Did some editing for Syne's WeaveCast, and alpha testing for Weavolution. I'm excited about the use of new media forms to create and deepen fiber arts communities.

6. Attended my mother's Spun Gold lifetime achievement award ceremony at the Textile Center of Minnesota, utterly surprising her with my cross-country visit, bwa-HA! Marilyn Miller, the executive director there, is a splendid co-conspirator, and let me make the desserts. Marzipan sheep are lovely things...(and of course, one marzipan goat!). Was impressed with their library setup. Nice connections with some of the long-time Minnesota weavers.


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