WeaveZine's Evolution

Find out what's the next stage in WeaveZine's Evolution: http://www.weavezine.com/articles/weavezines-evolution



This sounds very exciting! Its always sad to say good-bye to something you know and love,  and I thank you for all the hard work that you have put in to Weavezine.

Now, I'm waiting in happy anticipation to see what you come up with next, and send good wishes and love for the future. Its going to be a lot of fun!


This all comes on the one-year anniversary of my very first article in none other than WeaveZine. Thank you Syne and all the very best of well deserved luck for this next part of your journey.    


I can't even imagine what you will come up with next, but I'm sure it will be great!

Good luck, and remember to take a break now and again :)


Thank you all for your support as I take this bold new step.  It's exciting!

I was talking to Linda Ligon about my plans and she called it "boutique publishing" which expresses very succinctly what I'm trying to accomplish.  A line of exquisite, unusual things you can’t find in the big chain stores.

Laverne, I hadn't noticed the date, but you're right!  How appropriate!  It was through working with you that I developed the infrastructure and skills I needed to launch something I've been dreaming about for a long, long time!

Caroline, Letting WeaveZine go was hard, and I struggled with the decision, but sometimes you have to end one conversation to start another.

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