Warp for a Navajo-style rug question

Hi everyone- I am thinking of buying the wool warp available from R.B. Burnham- before I do, can anyone tell me how strong / thick it is?  The description at their site just says it is specifically for Navajo weaving.    Thanks!





It looks like the right stuff. It's 1120 ypp which means it's somewhere between a sport weight and a fingering weight yarn.  Mary Walker has it on page 16 of her book, Atlohi Bi Natsos, and shows the Burnham's yarns as sport weight for use as 10-12 warps/inch.

I have never purchased it or used it but I'm sure it's great.  Burnham's is very reliable.  Can you phone and ask them if this is the right stuff for warp?



The warp yarn that Burnham's sells on the cones is spun by Brown Sheep and is sold all over the Navajo Nation.  It's probably the most commonly used warp for Navajo weaving today.  Use 8 epi for worsted weight yarn and 10 epi for sport weight. 

Burnham's also carries a plied warp and a heavy weight warp, but you'll need call them for pricing and availability.  They ship very quickly. 

I hope that helps. 


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